Coastal Community Action, Inc. relies on volunteers to donate their time, skills and talents to make a difference in the community.

The need for volunteers has never been greater, and the time to get involved has never been better. Finding the opportunity that best suits your skills, availability, and expectations can make all the difference in your experience. Volunteering can open your mind, your heart and your hands to help your community thus building a better future for all of us. Help out once, help out once a week. Be a part of a great community.

To inquire about all other volunteer opportunities, you may call 252-223-1630 and our Receptionist will be happy to assist you.


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A common thread through all of our services, be they Family Services, Senior Services, or Housing Services, is that we help change lives by providing needed resources and support. Coastal Community Action, Inc. provides needed services to thousands of residents in our region annually.