Staff Directory

Executive Staff

Name Position Contact
Catissa Head Executive Director 252-223-1631
Keith Fiaschetti Chief Financial Officer 252-223-1632
Marie Riley HR Director 252-223-1633

Program Directors

Name Position Contact
  Housing Services, Single Family Rehabilitation Program Director 252-223-1640

Nadine Buchanan Housing Services, HUD, Section 8 Director 252-223-1660
Stacey Ellege Housing Services, Weatherization Program Director  252-223-1645
Angela Jackson-Owens  HeadStart Director 252-223-1683
Diane Williams Foster Grandparent Director 252-223-1650
Dora Jones Senior Companion Director 252-223-1651
Dora Jones Retired & Senior Volunteer Director 252-223-1652
Stephanie L. Cox CSBG Director


Administrative Support

Name Position Contact
Lura Taylor Administrative Assistant 252-223-1637
Nate Forant IT Technician 252-223-1683
Janie Mason Accounting Technician 252-223-1635
Margaret Lewis Accounting Technician 252-223-1636
Teresa Sutton Senior Accountant


 Vacant Human Resources Assistant



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A common thread through all of our services, be they Family Services, Senior Services, or Housing Services, is that we help change lives by providing needed resources and support. Coastal Community Action, Inc. provides needed services to thousands of residents in our region annually.