Eighty-two (82) volunteers have assisted approximately 172 clients an average of 8-30 hours per week, depending upon the assessed need of the client/caregiver.

  • 100% of caregivers receiving service reported they experience less stress and have an improved sense of well-being.
  • 100% of caregivers report with the support of the program they are able to continue the caregiving role versus long term care.
  • 97% of clients receiving in-home services from volunteers report a decrease in the feeling of loneliness and isolation.
  • 100% of clients receiving in-home services report the volunteer’s visits have helped them to remain living independently in their own home. The Family Caregiver Resource Specialist for Region P has identified the Senior Companion Program as a cost-effective resource to support family caregivers by providing funds for respite in four of the five counties CCA, Inc, Senior Companion Program serves.


  • The excessive cost of fuel is a growing problem. Volunteers receive little compensation for travel reimbursement and the budget doesn’t allow for an increase.
  • The need to identify and establish agreements with other agencies in Carteret and Jones Counties, to host, assign and supervise volunteers.
  • The growing need for volunteers to provide one-on-one assistance and prompts for at-risk clients attending local senior centers, because, Senior Companions are a limited resource, assignments should give priority to older adults who have the greatest potential to achieve and maintain independence.
  • Limited federal funding with little opportunity for budget increases.


  • Obtain additional HCCBG county funds, in light of the increased requirement for at-risk clients attending local senior centers and support of in-home services to older/disabled adults, will be a necessity.
  • Continue providing high-quality education to volunteers regarding available community services available to their clients and the caregivers they serve. Volunteers will each participate in the eight modules Senior Companion Program training curriculum ‘Providing Independent Living Services’.
  • Increasing coordination with agencies to promote evidence-based workshops for volunteers and the clients they serve in order for older adults to live healthier lives.

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