Meet our Board

Community Action's fifteen-member Board of Directors has a tripartite structure, which is a requirement for all Community Action Agencies nationwide.

One third of the members of the board are elected public officials currently holding office or their representative, at least one third are elected to represent  low-income individuals and families in the communities served, and the remainder shall be a representative from the private sector, which includes representatives of business, industry, labor, and other major groups and interests in the community.

Name Email Term
Community Representative    
Mr. Jerol Bryant 6/30/21-6/30/24
 Ms. Ruzalia Davis, Chair 6/30/22-6/30/25 

 Ms. June Vann, Vice-Chair 6/30/23-6/30/26
Mr. Julian Tripp, Treasurer 6/30/23-6/30/26
Mr. Jonathan Slager 6/30/20-6/30/23
Low Income     
Ms. Rashida C. Williams 6/30/23-6/30/26 
 Mr. James Bullock  10/30/23-9/30/24
Ms.Dorothea E. White, Secretary 6/30/23-6/30/26
 Ms. Polly Hamilton   6/30/23-6/30/26
 Ms. LaQuitta Williams 6/30/21-6/30/24
 Elected Officials    
 Mr. Theron McCabe 6/30/21-6/30/24
 Ms. Peggie Garner  6/30/21-6/30/24
Commisioner James Harper 6/30/23-6/30/26 
Rev. Charles Dudley  6/30/21-6/30/24 
Ms. Sharon Harker 6/30/22-6/30/25 

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A common thread through all of our services, be they Family Services, Senior Services, or Housing Services, is that we help change lives by providing needed resources and support. Coastal Community Action, Inc. provides needed services to thousands of residents in our region annually.