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Supporting a workforce as complex and diverse as Coastal Community Action, Inc. (CCA) is a momentous task, but one that we continue to accomplish with creativity, accountability, and excellence. The CCA workforce consists of over 200 employees who fill human service, educational, technical, trade, administrative, and managerial roles. Our employees come from a variety of backgrounds and represent the rich diversity of our service area. Such a workforce is supported by an environment that continues to strive to encourage innovative and strategic thinking at all levels. The HR Director has completed several projects this past year which have aided in the success of our Strategic Goal # 4 – To make CCA the employer of choice. Listed below are some of those key projects.

  • Triennial Wage Comparability Study: A comprehensive study was completed which provided CCA information about how it’s wages compare to others in the broader community, and allowed CCA to establish a high-quality Wage and Salary Schedule. In determining comparability of wages, the HR Director worked with a national consulting firm, who obtained data across the region, the state, and the nation in an effort to accurately establish comparability. This study provides CCA a tool for objectively evaluating the wages and salaries of the personnel, and ensuring that industry standards are being met. The HR Director utilized data from over ten wage comparability studies to ensure accuracy and validity of the outcomes.
  • Reviewed and Assessed all CCA Job Descriptions: Each of CCA’s job descriptions were updated to ensure that they accurately reflect assigned roles and responsibilities. An independent internal equity analysis for each position was conducted. A Point Factor analysis method was utilized consisting of three major domains (Skill, Responsibility and Effort), and nine sub domains. This allowed for determining the relative value of each position within CCA. The Point factor analysis used compensable factors of the Equal Pay Act, skill, effort, resistibility, and work conductions to evaluate each of CCA’s jobs, not the person in the job.
  • Assisted the Board of Directors Transition Team in the recruitment of a new Executive Director.
  • Facilitated the successful recruitment of a Chief Financial Officer. ? Developed and implemented an Agency Standards of Conduct
  • Developed an Interview and New Hire Document System and Manual which consisted of an electronic and hard copy system that contains all resources needed for the on-boarding process.
  • Developed an Electronic Personnel File Inventory Database which contains an inventory of all items in each personnel file.
  • Developed and implemented the second annual web-based Employee Survey which provides a comprehensive overview regarding employee job satisfaction and their outlook on agencies systems and management. This data is used annually to assist in strategic planning, in addition to providing a longitudinal comparison of the Agency’s progress.
  • Participated in four external Wage Comparability Studies.
  • The recruitment process has been enhanced by the implementation of a formal New Hire Orientation, on boarding training manuals and prescribed interview tools for each position/program.
  • An internal audit was completed of all employee personnel files to ensure that they meet federal, state, and program standards.

HR assists applicants and employees with all phases of the employment process: overseeing recruitment, interviewing, selection/hiring, and performance management. During the past year HR has had a 20% increase in workforce, processed apx 2,000 employment applications, conducted apx 250 interviews, and filled 46 positions.

As a community action agency in a rural area CCA continually struggles with finding qualified staff within the limitations of funding. An important component of CCA’s ability to establish and maintain high quality programs and services is the retention of a skilled and motivated workforce. The steps taken, which are listed above, were key in ensuring the HR Director is actively committed to this goal. Furthermore these efforts have been made in order to build, manage, and maintain a workforce that is committed to CCA’s mission. To respectfully and responsibly help people help themselves.

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