Core Values


  • fostering an environment where employees are thoroughly knowledgeable about their programs and their clients
  • providing the support that allows employees to expand their job knowledge and expertise, and where employees assume personal responsibility for maintaining those necessary skills
  • encouraging employees to seek opportunities for continuous improvement in all of their undertakings and work processes
  • promoting innovation, creativity and strategic thinking
  • encouraging employees to improve themselves and to willingly share their knowledge with others


  • creating an organizational environment where employees readily seek and accept responsibility for their individual actions, and for their stewardship of financial resources and programs
  • recognizing and valuing the trust of the general public and those we serve

Empathy, Compassion & Respect

  • identifying with and understanding the thoughts and feelings of others
  • actively demonstrating sympathetic concern for the suffering of others
  • showing an inclination to give aid and support to our clients and fellow employees
  • fostering an environment where respect and compassion are demonstrated in everything we do through reflective listening, effective communication, and responding with sensitivity to the dignity of others


  • working together within our organization and with others to provide comprehensive, quality services to our clients
  • displaying a good work ethic
  • adhering strictly to the highest standard of values and conduct in providing our services
  • demonstrating the highest principles of honesty and fairness to our clients and fellow employees


  • working together in a dedicated effort to serve those in need
  • involving those we serve and all other stakeholders in our work
  • collaborating through teamwork with our fellow employees and other agencies
  • recognizing and valuing the cultural diversity of all peoples and being receptive to new and different ideas

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