Self-Sufficiency Family Development is a comprehensive project which is designed to foster and enhance self-sufficiency and create economic opportunities. Services are comprehensive and include direct financial assistance with job search and job retention, tuition, books and supplies, child care, housing, money management, debt-elimination, work materials, supplies and uniforms, transportation and crisis intervention. Referrals are made for numerous situations, including mental and emotional wellness, medical emergencies and health physicals for employment and education purposes, housing solutions, and other crises on a case-by-case basis. Families and individuals can continue to move toward greater self-sufficiency for up to five years as long as they remain compliant and meet the criteria for program eligibility. To help elderly and/or disabled persons to alleviate their crisis situations, the program is able to assist this population with support services and stabilization if they are moving into a safe, subsidized housing unit. Applicants must meet the Federal Poverty Income Guidelines to qualify for the Self-Sufficiency program.

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