Mr. Nathaniel Miller of 197 Arthur Boney Rd, Beulaville, N.C. was an URP applicant. When I first met Nathaniel he was living in the kitchen of his home. The roof and ceiling of both bedrooms and the living room had caved in. You could see daylight when you looked up at the ceiling in each room.

We were able to repair the roof with sheathing and shingles and re-sheetrock the ceilings. We were also able to replace the rickety steps at his back door. Our work definitely made his living conditions better but because of the URP efforts, the Weatherization Assistance Program was also able to assist him with insulating his attic and doing air sealing on his home making his home more energy efficient.

The program also allowed for the installation of a vented range hood over the gas stove in his kitchen eliminating the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. The Heating and Air Repair and Replacement Program (HARRP) replaced his small kerosene heater with a Rinnai vented gas space heater which reduced his heating costs.

Mr. Miller was one of the Agencies’ fortunate applicants, who benefited from three of our programs working together to accomplish as much as possible.

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