CCA is committed to impacting the lives of those we serve. This is evidenced through the numerous personal success stories we experience each year. Though some children’s successes are more profound than others, they are all meaningful to our staff, our children, and our families! One such success took place at Godette Child Development Center.

Two years ago a mother in need of Head Start services enrolled her son and also received services herself. With his larger than life attitude and excitement about joining the Head Start family, staff had no preparedness for the lesson they were going to be taught by a young three-year-old wheelchair bound child. The mother and center staff, both concerned for the well-being of the child pulled together to adapt an environment that would best promote the child’s independence and learning opportunities. Adding and lowering sinks, fountains, and building ramps were only part of the preparations made by a plethora of staff.

He began his first day of school in 2010 and remains with Head Start today. He has gone from being a shy child needing the help of his peers and teachers, to an extroverted leader, assisting the other children when and if they need it. His learning and preparedness for kindergarten is noteworthy, as the energy and interest abounds each day in his classroom. His mother reports numerous improvements, from learning colors, ABC’s, and shapes, to his unprecedented independence and confidence. Head Start is proud to play such a tremendous role in the success of a child and family. We look forward to his smile and to the smiles of the many children who cross through the doors of our classrooms each day!

Teresa G. and her family had a difficult year in 2008. It was during this year that her husband became extremely ill. He lost his job. They were struggling trying to raise two of their grandchildren. They were being threatened with service terminations by utility companies. They were facing foreclosure.
At intake Teresa was enrolled in the RN Program at Craven Community College. Her primary goal was to complete her degree on time, but her immediate goal was to avoid losing her home, and to find free/reduced healthcare for her husband and apply for TANF and other assistance for her grandchildren. She was referred to Self-Sufficiency Case Manager, Patricia Benefield. During the initial pre-screening, it was determined that the household income for the family for the past 90 days was too high, although her husband had been out of work for several weeks. Still, the case manager connected the family with several social workers at Jones County DSS, attorneys at Legal Aid, Housing Counselors at Twin Rivers Opportunities and a WIA Coordinator. Ms. Benefield stayed in touch with the family and assured them that their situation would change eventually. She continued to work with them, and used her knowledge as a Certified Housing Counselor to try to help them to avoid foreclosure.
Approximately 30 days after the initial prescreening, the family became eligible for enrollment into the Self-Sufficiency program. Legal Aid was able to help the family to save their home through a loan modification. The case manager assisted Teresa with some of her required medical tests for the Nursing Program, since she did not have medical insurance. She also assisted her occasionally with gas cards to drive more than an hour one way for her clinicals. Other assistance provided with CSBG funds included course fees for CPR and the examination fee for the North Carolina Licensing exam.
Although adversity seemed to prevail, Teresa and her family managed to persevere. In May 2009, Teresa graduated from Craven Community College with an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing and passed the NCLEX a few weeks later. She is now a Registered Nurse earning an annual salary of $47,000. Through all of the trying times, her husband is now experiencing better health and her grandchildren are doing well in school.

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