A partnership of the RSVP program and Atlantic Beach/Pine Knoll Shores Police Departments was form to create a new VIPS. These volunteer patrol the community and participate in community events and programs. They were very instrumental in locating a lost child during the 4th of July celebration at Atlantic Beach. These volunteers formed teams and searched through hundreds of people to locate this child and return him to his parents.

These amazing volunteers decided they wanted to help families get through the Christmas holidays. They raised enough funds to help nine (9) families from Project Christmas Cheer.

Volunteer surveys were sent out to 224 volunteers. 193 were returned with positive feedback. 90.8% responded that they felt more productive and useful. 74% said that volunteering increased their social status. 53% responded that volunteering contributed to their general sense of health and well being. 48% responded that volunteering helped them learn new skills. 31% responded that it increased their energy 83% said no change was needed in the program and 2% responded that more volunteers was needed. Many responded that we have one of the best programs in Carteret County.

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