Heating & Air Repair & Replacement Program


The goal of the Heating & Air Repair & Replacement Program (HARRP) can provide for the performance of energy conservation measures on primary heating systems for low and moderate income homeowners across the nation. Participants in the HARRP program are typically also served under the federal government Weatherization program. Applicants must qualify for assistance by meeting an income requirement of no more than 150% of the federal poverty guidelines.


Utilize eight different HVAC contractors to eliminate the health and safety issues related to the primary heating system in the homes of low-income households. As of January 2011, sixty of the required one hundred homes have been identified to receive HARRP services. A variety of work has been performed on the completed homes ranging from replacing a blower motor, repairing duct work to replacing the entire heating/ cooling system.


Through the efforts of HARRP contractors, CCA has been able to provide a clean, safe heating source for homeowners by removing systems that emit high levels of carbon monoxide, such as kerosene and gas space heaters, and by eliminating the use of cook stoves as heaters when the primary system is inoperable. Not only does HARRP eliminate health and safety issues, but it has a secondary benefit with the increase efficiency of the primary heating systems that are installed, it reduces the clients energy burden which reduces the clients energy cost.

A licensed HVAC technician was hired by CCA to complete clean, tune and evaluation work on the heating/air conditioning units of qualified applicants. The technician provides client education to the homeowner on how to keep the unit performing more efficiently, and identifies safety issues with the clients heating systems in a timelier manner allowing for the client to receive our services quicker.


  • Funding continues to be the number one issue with HARRP.
  • Finding qualified contractors to bid on jobs and complete them in a timely manner is another stressor.
  • Another challenge of HARRP is the lack of contractors with employees wanting to perform work on HARRP jobs due to the regulations which must be followed under the Davis Bacon Wage Act.


  • The ambition of the HARRP program is to work toward increasing the amount of funding that can be spent per unit and leveraging funds from the Urgent Repair, Single Family Rehabilitation Programs as well as USDA.
  • A primary goal for the program is to maintain the licensed HVAC technician that would benefit the Heating, Air Repair or Replacement Program and the Weatherization Assistance Program.
Weatherization Program/HARRP Director
Stacey Ellege
303 McQueen Avenue
P.O. Box 729
Newport, NC 28570
(252) 223-1645


Counties Served: Carteret, Duplin & Onslow


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